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Accelerating The Next Generation Bullock Cart

Designing a revolutionary new cart that reduces the strain on animals in areas where modern vehicles are too expensive or the infrastructure favors them.

At first, it seemed silly to re-design a cart at this age of driverless vehicles. And, although trucks, tractors and other motorized vehicles have replaced oxcarts in parts of the world, many farmers still stick to the old ways by using them during harvest season or when places are too rough for modern vehicles. Bullock carts around the world remain strong symbols of the country’s rural past and still feature prominently in parades, festivals, and other celebrations. This is an attempt with an animal-centered design, to develop and re imagine the carts for comfort and load balance.

Impact Gym considered a simple lever mechanism where the rod balances itself on the fulcrum, when the moment of force due to the mass on each side is the same. Applying this principle to the cart, Impact Gym designed a wheel shaft as the fulcrum point and placed the cart as balancing on it so that no force is directly applied to the animal. In this arrangement the seat position moves slightly behind the wheel shaft and balances itself on the wheel axis when a person sits on the cart. But since the weight of human beings are not same and uniform, the position of the seating relative to the wheel axis will need to be adjustable.

Impact Gym is working to evaluate 3-Axis Gimbals, piezoelectric generators for electric bikes all to re-imagine the movement, braking capabilities, and enhanced suspension without compromising on the strength and rigidity.

Following the redesign, Impact Gym will work with Dart Cart to deliver a collection of videos, tutorials, and content to share the most crucial things we've learned about transforming bullock carts.

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"Within weeks of joining Impact Gym, we connected with a community of mechanical engineers at Tesla, bike designers at Specialized, and social changemakers from across the world that are passionate about animal cruelty, transportation, and the environment."

Our approach

Impact Gym took an iterative approach at re-designing the cart keeping in mind that end-users (farmers) are as concerned about animal cruelty as they are about the efficiency of transportation.
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The Challenge

Designing a solution that wouldn't replace farmer's existing carts.

The Outcome

Open-source templates that enable local mechanics to fabricate and install various parts that are plug-n-play on the existing carts.

The Impact

A set of tech-enabled bullock cart parts called DartCart, paired with a custom mobile app for navigation which tracks data on weight, distance and time traveled.
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