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Streamlining Land Registration with Blockchain

Building a blockchain enabled software platform for agricultural land records

Ongoing projects in Ghana, Georgia, and India are real-time proof that governments have bought into the idea of blockchain to help in the efficacy of land governance, the protection of people's land rights, reduce land conflicts, and address corruption and land fraud. Especially for developing countries, the idea of going from paper to digital based management is even more important in this emerging global digital economy, whereby the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) transformation of government services (via e-services) is a mechanism for reaching targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Whilst blockchain land administration projects focus on the state to individual relationship to land through the preservation of titles, there is little discussion or evidence of the application of blockchain in addressing individual to individual relationships to land (transferring of rights). The question arises as to how this nascent technology can be applied to the manifold verbal land agreements/handshake deals to protect livelihoods, while maintaining transparency, openness, confidentiality, and protection of both land users and landowners.

While it is understood that plurality and diversity of rights and tenure systems exist, in this paper we consider the canonical example of small-scale farmers who gain access to lands through vernacular land markets. We draw from case studies of small-scale farmers, in particular the case of Trinidad and Tobago wherein informal tenure excludes some farmers from accessing state incentives for their livelihoods and inhibits livelihood resilience.

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"Our team is specialized in land parcellation and geographic information systems but we lacked the knowledge, network, and resources that Impact Gym provided to land our first government contract"
Ardi - Ard Intelligence

Our approach

Impact Gym worked to understand the properties of blockchain that apply to the vernacular land market.
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The Challenge

Informal access and tenure documentation.

The Outcome

Blockchain ensures transparency while at the same time protects people's land data in an immutable manner, within the scope of fit for purpose land administration systems.

The Impact

A proposal for Ardi to leverage their technology for one governorate in Palestine.
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