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Transforming the Way Furniture is Made

Designing a sustainable bio-degradable furniture using one of the world's strongest natural fibers.

For 5 years, MozFibre has crafted recycled furniture dripping with the brand’s signature banana fibers. With the rise of new interface technology, the company came to Impact Gym for help to design the furniture of the future.

Impact Gym designers set out to create beautiful, emotional experiences by layering technology onto MozFibre's furniture offerings. Whether it’s setting the tone for a sophisticated retail experience, creating subtle ambiance at a library, or providing comfort to read a book, the team considered how furniture made from banana fiber can enrich personal moments throughout the day.

MozFibre and Impact Gym assembled a multidisciplinary group, including industrial and product designers, brand experts, and engineers to quickly vet, build, test, and refine their ideas.

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"The future of our country rests on our ability to efficiently produce and consume. Impact Gym helped us design a value chain that brings international partners to Egypt."

Our approach

Together, the team designed a new tech-infused furniture and family of other home appliances. At first glance, the couch resembles a simple seat. But when you turn it on and peer inside, a number of features including reclining are possible.
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The Challenge

MozFibre was focused on the entire value chain from recycling banana stems to manufacturing the furniture to distribution and retail business. The time and effort required for each activity required a larger team.

The Outcome

Given the resource constraints and knowledge required to conduct each business activity, Impact Gym helped MozFibre develop partnerships all while maintaining the intellectual property.

The Impact

Impact Gym is drafting policy recommendation papers to introduce legislation that incentivizes the purchase of recycled products especially for large distributors.
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